Store your electronic and scanned documentation in a secure repository that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on most any device. Documents can be shared with employees and clients. Searching and reporting on specific documents becomes easy and efficient. Add Routing and Workflow to improve your business processes.

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With the DigiDocs eSignature solution, not only is it easy to use and secure, you can get documents signed on any smartphone, tablet or web browser, anywhere in the world.

It is a cloud-based solution, therefore no need to invest in any hardware or software. The signer receives an email with a link to the document and can sign without the need to download any software. You can have multiple teams of signers, and you can have them sign in any order you need.

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Our Electronic Business Card solution goes way beyond the normal Name, Phone, Email address and Website found on physical business cards.

Our Business Card can have links to the key information about your business directly from your website. It can include images, eForms, a virtual showroom, and can be changed within hours, not weeks as is the case with physical cards. Even better, it’s eco friendly. Analytics! – Stats can be produced showing how many people opened your business card and what interaction took place on your card.

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Boost sales and achieve business growth with an affordable cloud based solution for SMEs. As a Certified partner of amoCRM, we help our clients and their sales teams to implement this Messenger-Based Sales CRM system . This creates Digital pipelines, automated lead generation using salesbots, messengers and artificial intelligence. Digitally transform your sales process.

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Transform information intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors and improve customer engagement. Using Intelligent automation software platforms to combine Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Capture, Process orchestration ,Mobility and engagement, and Analytics to reduce risk, improve compliance and set your business up for growth, profitability and be a step ahead of the competition.

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Digidocs enables you to live comfortably in this digital world . We are a brand agnostic ‘Digital solutions provider ’ specialising in the the SME market . We bring expert knowledge to the table and a with a unique business model which benefits out customers by saving them time and money . Whether it is Digital Transformation or Digital change -through consultative engagement we will work with you to determine starting point and requirements for digitisation. 


John Flanigan

Digital Solutions Consultant

After a lengthy Information Technology (IT) career spanning over 50 years, starting at IBM and subsequently working with IBM Business Partners, John has recently started up his own company, DigiDocs. His experience covers all aspects of IT – Technical, Sales, Account Management, etc. He is well known in the Cape Town IT marketplace and has established strong relationships with numerous IT customers and IT Vendors. As we enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) DigiDocs is well placed to assist with the first baby steps into this exciting new era. 4IR may appear daunting with the likes of the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Virtual Reality(VR), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) boggling the mind. Most Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are not ready to embark on this bleeding edge technology. With this in mind, DigiDocs is focussing on the the quick wins which will enable SMEs to enter into the Digital World.
Our initial focus is to help companies to move from a
Paper-based world into the Digital world with affordable,
full-functional, Electronic Signatures, Electronic Document Management and easy to define and manage Document Centric Workflows, Electronic Business Cards.

Anita Floyd

Digital Solutions Consultant

Anita has carved a successful career in the Information Technology sector covering all phases of the SDLC, technical, analysis, project management and business development. Having worked with leading edge technology over the last 10 years in the Enterprise Information Management and Business Process Automation space offering RPA, AI, ML and IOT capabilities she has an established expertise and understanding of the Digital Transformation Journey. 

She has worked with clients to successfully drive digital workflow transformation through selection of the best fit platforms and technology to achieve intelligent data and process automation.

As a part of the Digidocs team, Anita will help our clients through identifying digital automation challenges and guide them in solutions to bridge the gaps and enter the ‘Digital Transformation Journey’ that will transform and improve business.

We’re a Certified Partner of amoCRM

We’re proud to announce that we are an official amoCRM partner. We can help you to set up your amoCRM account and determine the most effective way to use and develop automation systems by setting up effective digital sales pipelines to turn leads into customers.


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