DigiDocs eSignature Is A Must For Any Business! By Rose Chaplin

digital signature

DigiDocs have been experiencing exciting times recently… one of them being the rain! Now, if you live in the Cape, you will totally understand our happiness at the rain we have received.  Only if you have lived in a severe water restricted area will you understand the fascination with weather reports and the promise of rain – and if you happen to see a cloud on top of Lions Head, you will not be blamed for immediately spreading the word on social media – so happy about the rain and praying for more.

From the above, you will have gathered DigiDocs are based in the Western Cape.  The other exciting news is DigiDocs are proudly presenting their DigiDocs eSignature software with technology powered by QuicklySignUsing the DigiDocs eSignature welcomes your business to the 21st Century – where going paperless is a really good idea.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you will benefit from using the DigiDocs eSignature.  So, what are some of the benefits?


For any business it is important that you can save time wherever you can. The more time you save, the more time you can spend on the vital areas of your business.  By automating most of your procedures and going paperless you will cut the document turnaround time from weeks to hours.


Keeping costs down is as important to small businesses or start-ups as it is to a large business.  There is an ever-increasing cost of paper, printing and ink cartridges (some contracts can be extremely lengthy!).  Cost can spiral out of control.  When you think about not having to physically print, sign, scan, email or post or courier documents to be signed, you can say “goodbye” to mailing, postage and courier fees, packaging, printing expenses, etc…


Everyone wants their business to grow and by implementing the right tools and procedures early on in your business, you will be able to reach that goal faster.

Not only is it quicker for you and your staff or your sales reps to get contracts signed online, by using DigiDocs eSignatures they can keep track of the status of that contract.  For example, a client has opened a contract but not yet signed it, you or your sales rep will be able to see this in the Audit Trail and send them a friendly reminder to help move the sale on.

DigiDocs eSignature is powered by technology from QuicklySign. DigiDocs eSignature is a standalone application, therefore no need to invest in modules you won’t use.  However, should you require it, there is the added advantage that this software allows you to customise your signing page and emails to match your brand with your company logo, colours and messaging. Ensuring everyone in the business is aligned and sending the same message to your clients.

DigiDocs eSigntature helps businesses run smoothly, efficiently and saves them time and money.

In a world where your carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important, many businesses would like to be more environmentally friendly. You can be with DigiDocs eSignature.

DigiDocs eSignature is a must for any business!

For more information contact us – or sign up now for a free trial by clicking below!


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