How eSignature Software Will Benefit Your Company!


There are numerous ways that using the eSignature software that we sell at DigiDocs, technology driven by QuicklySign, will benefit and ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently in the modern digital world.

If you’re still using hard copies or sending PDF’s via email, you could be costing your business money. In the time it takes a recipient to print a form, manually fill it out, scan it and send it back, you’ve already lost a good 30-45 minutes (per signer), and that’s if they completed it immediately! More often than not, each signer takes days or weeks to complete a document.

The reality is that processes often get stuck when people don’t respond quickly enough. By using the eSignature software that we sell, and eliminating the scenario above, your business can speed up its processes.

Get Access Anytime, Anywhere, with its automated workflow, and cloud-based (no software to download), you can reach the right people, right away, without manual intervention.

Find Information Faster – stop wasting time looking for paper documents.  Electronic documents are easier to file and find. You can even use full-text searching, making it simple and quick to find important business documents – on-premise or in the cloud.

Speed Up Approval Processes by using the QuicklySign eSignature software.  Businesses utilise the eSignature software to speed up approval processes for external and internal documents.  Electronic documents can be signed digitally and routed for the next step quickly, reliably, and securely. This can speed up purchase requests, loan approvals, expense reports, contracts, and much more.

Prove Compliance by using the QuicklySign eSignature software.  These days, regulations require companies to take documented measures to maintain data confidentiality and integrity.  Paper-based systems make tracking and managing data more difficult and expensive than electronic-based systems.

The QuicklySign eSignature software provides an audit trail of when documents are received or sent. Built-in security prevents unauthorised access, maintaining data confidentiality.

You can do your bit to help save the environment by using QuicklySign eSignature.  With global warming and excessive CO₂ polluting the environment, the world has begun to see the value in going “green” and reducing our carbon footprint.

Going Paperless by utilising the QuicklySign eSignature, helps cut down on deforestation and pollution, leaving more trees to do the dirty work of absorbing carbon dioxide (and slowing down global climate change).

Make Clients Happy! Many customers prefer self-service.  You can securely provide key information to customers electronically, enabling them to sign documents on their own when convenient. In fact, providing electronic access to all relevant data not only gives customers more accurate and complete information, it makes them happier and more loyal customers.

Using the QuicklySign eSignature software accomplishes this all for you.

DigiDocs is the proud exclusive reseller of QuicklySign eSignature Software!

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