Solutions to meet your requirements

Logistics (POD)

Track and trace proof of delivery documents

Import scanned PODs into PaperTrail and seamlessly integrate with your ERP or logistics application and expedite Invoicing.
Identify missing PODs and other reporting requirements.
Outsourced logistics companies can also offer central, secure access to client PODs online using the PaperTrail portal.


Input and manage all financial documents within a single Interface.

Payment requisitions, proof of delivery, proof of payment and invoicing all in one place and simple to use.
By integrating with your accounting system, our solution will remove double capturing and increase compliance within the financial divisions.
Each purchase order will create a unique file that can be easily reconciled with the corresponding supplier invoice and manage the allocation of payments.
Manage the entire financial process from supplier quotation and internal purchase order through to reconciling delivery and final payment.

Client Onboarding

Increase efficiency in the client on boarding process.

Using our unique form creation tool, PaperTrail manages the Capturing and On Boarding of new clients.
Our smart solution validates input and improves efficiency in the capturing of new clientele. Each client record is searchable, unique and auditable.
Data obtained by the capture process is easily passed onto back end systems securely.
Changing client information has never been easier with our API Integration.
The process ensures that all key information is inputted where needed and sent to the relevant departments for authorisation.

DigiDocsLoan Application

Integrated smart solution that complies with all credit regulations

Create a simple to use loan application form that integrates with your back-end system.
PaperTrail smart engine will use your scorecard matrix to create an accurate and legal risk assessment. Each loan application will be sent on the relevant approval route and ensure compliance and integrity in the loan process.


Privacy, compliant and easy to use

Ensuring privacy and integrity is vital to all branches of government. From the Tender process to Records Management, PaperTrail offers a secure environment for government regulatory requirements. PaperTrail is scalable and is used by both small and large municipalities and state-owned enterprises.
Our Records Management solution addresses the exact needs of government from importing file plans to the management of disposal schedules and declaring of records.

DigidocsHuman Resources

Managing your employees effectively with complete management control

PaperTrail offers a complete HR solution with our eform, workflow and signing solutions.
Hiring has never been easier with our CV management and on boarding solutions.
From new staff on boarding to promotions, demotions and disciplinary actions PaperTrail manages the entire document trail and provides employees with a dedicated HR portal.
Apply for leave, view your payslip and update your personal profile.
Termination procedures are incorporated and allow for the tight control of all aspects related to the document processes required for staff termination.


PaperTrail medical solution is safe and POPI compliant

Patient medical files are easy generated on PaperTrail.
Access to files is strictly controlled via extensive permissions and view privileges.
Through the use of third party software, for example Acrobat, professional medical personnel can draw and hand write notes on each file.
Each patient is created on the system with a unique patient number that is linked to all previous visits as well as account information.
PaperTrail provides medical professionals with a complete overview of the patient history and profile.
PaperTrail’s built in history module ensures that any document action is audited and stored with the life cycle of the document.

Debt Review

PaperTrail brings sanity in the heavily regulated debt review industry

PaperTrail debt review allows debt counsellors and credit providers to easily communicate and negotiate. Special functionality such as form 17.2 capturing, allows debt counsellors to log on and submit the necessary information.
This solution is suitable for both credit departments and debt counsellor.
A unique and innovative solution designed with industry standards in mind.


Complete management of the production process

Automate the production process through sophisticated workflow.
Each step of the production process is auditable and controlled.
Our industry knowledge of the manufacturing industry allows for integration of technical drawings, for the production process.
Manage job card input via intelligent forms and signatures.


Complete document control for all projects

Manage all aspects of project management, ensuring that the project team always has access to the latest revision of documentation.
PaperTrail manages both the source cad files together with the associated PDF file. Transmittal tools are available directly from within PaperTrail.
PaperTrail powerful indexing caters for all metadata associated with drawing files.
Document controllers benefit from automated document numbering from the metadata together with efficient searching and reporting capabilities.

DigidocsLegal Solutions / Contract Management

Facilitate the creation and management of contracts

PaperTrail manages version control throughout the contract process.
The latest version is always available by default removing confusion as to the most recent changes.
Previous versions are easily accessible and can be restored if required.
Contract can now go onto an approval route for signatory authorisation.


Digitising the travel industry

PaperTrail has customised solutions specifically built for the travel industry.
PaperTrail is the preferred solution within the South African travel market.
Our travel solutions range from paperless offices to invoice automation workflows that talk to the core travel applications promoting speed and efficiency.
Integration to specialist travel software viz Amadeus and Galileo provide a powerful document management solution covering all aspects of the travel industry requirements.

DigidocsCustomer Service and Help Desk

Increase goodwill with faster turnaround times

Systematically process client queries including orders and quotes by automatically routing correspondence to the appropriate personnel.
Keep a historical record of all communications, with staff able to reply using built-in email viewing and response facilities that offer consistent signatures.
Group mailboxes simplify teamwork by providing access to all correspondence within one central location as opposed to a large number of disjointed individual email boxes.