With the DigiDocs eSignature solution, not only is it easy to use and secure to get documents signed on any smartphone, tablet or web browser, anywhere in the world, it is a standalone application, therefore no need to invest in modules you won’t use.


The signer receives an email with a link to the document and can sign without the need to download anything. You can have multiple teams of signers, and you can have them sign in any order you need.

What Is An eSignature?

An electronic signature (eSignature) is a person’s electronic expression of his or her agreement to the terms of a particular document.

Are eSignatures Legal?

eSignatures are valid and legal in South Africa, the United States, Canada, the European Union, the UK, and many other areas of the world.


Are eSignatures Secure?

Data breaches have become a reality. Just because this has become familiar does not mean that all online transactions pose a threat to your personal information. There are the most stringent policies in place, to make sure you can send and sign documents online in a secure way and with peace of mind.

Security includes:

  • SSL encrypted connection:The same level of encryption all banks use.

  • Audit Trails:These safely track every interaction of the document signing process.

  • State of the art secure server infrastructure:Your information is always secure.

  • 2-factor authentication:This gives you an added layer of protection by requiring a signer to provide a text or one-time pin, (OTP) that’s been sent to a their mobile phone in order to view and sign a document. Many people use 2-factor authentication for things like email accounts or online banking accounts.

Helping the environment!

In a world where your carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important, many businesses would like to be more environmentally friendly.

DigiDocs eSignature will help your business reduce impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. Your business will help the environment by saving paper!

Digidocs eSignature allows you peace of mind.