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We aim to simplify your business processes.

Sometimes the simple answer is not easy for you to see through all the clutter. Our expertise spans across verticals and industries and helps us gain sharper insights into your needs.

Our unique combination of strong management focus, breadth of capabilities, and flexibility in engagement is what makes our customer relationships a success.

We are able to provide relevant, creative and simple solutions for customers’ needs.


Content Management

It’s not easy to manage the amount of data and documentation companies need to function efficiently. Managing and producing materials can place a big burden on departments that are already overloaded.

Sharing and managing content with multiple departments in the organising can be challenging.

If your current content management system is not performing, or if you are not currently using any form of content management, it can impact your business in several ways.

You more than likely to have difficulty producing important documents quickly and making revisions can be an inconvenience. As a result, your employees or clients do not have access to the vital information they need, when they need it. You may also have to rely too heavily on paper for storing key documents.

Most of all, inefficient content management negatively impacts your company’s bottom line. If your departments work in silos, the company’s communications could be uncoordinated and conflicting; therefore it becomes confusing to clients. The lack of access to timely and updated information limits your employees’ productivity and increases customer dissatisfaction, ultimately costing you money.

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Electronic Signatures

With the DigiDocs eSignature solution, not only is it easy to use and secure to get documents signed on any smartphone, tablet or web browser, anywhere in the world, it is a standalone application, therefore no need to invest in modules you won’t use.

 The signer receives an email with a link to the document and can sign without the need to download anything. You can have multiple teams of signers, and you can have them sign in any order you need.

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